How To Hide Badges From WordPress Max Mega Menu

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Today we will discuss regarding removing Badge from Menu eg: “Sales”

We all faced this issue or we can say tough time in beginning of our work to use Woo-commerce and Max Mega Menu, to remove that unwanted Badge sometime. Such Badge could have a text like “Sales”.

We know that our menu is not offering any sale. And if we want to show such badge we can go with more options which we can control. There are many more plugins which will offer you many more badge to add in menu to help users understand what that particular menus are offering.

You might have visited each menu or that particular menu item through “Appearance > Menu” and expand the menu item details to check if its somewhere there in those particular menu item. So that you can hide that or delete that text.

But all that doesn’t work like you planned. Even you will try to find in “Product” from the left menu bar and check through all those product if its somewhere there or not. But again, its not there.

Such things irritates us a lot as we are developer and we have many more things to do for our project. But such things is not easy accessible.

Solution 🙂

So to help you out from this extra R&D work to fix this issue I am writing that information here for you.

So you just have to Visit your website admin left menu list and click on “Mega Menu > Menu Location”.

Once you visit the “Menu location” page of Max Mega menu. You have to expand the menu of your choice like “Primary” or “Secondary” for default case.

For example you choose (Or click on) “Primary” Tab/Accordion Item. Now you have to click on “Advanced” Tab which is next to the default sub tab of “Primary” Item.

And go to 4th item of that “Advanced” tab. which is a checkbox along with the text “Menu Item Descriptions” and subtext “Enable output of menu item description”.

Just uncheck that checkbox and “Save” this change by click on the button “Save Changes” at the bottom of page.

Note: If you have any cache plugin installed. Please don’t forget to remove your cache. So that you can easily see the changes you made on your site.

Other than above mentioned methods.

There could be few more great way to achieve the goals of hide badge text from wordpress max mega menu.

Besides this, in fact if you want to learn more related to Max Mega Menu details, to illustrate it can be seen here

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