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Hi Guys,

Today we will list out some basic Git commands which will help you in managing your code version control. Because these are basic commands and very easy to keep in mind and easy to use for your code versioning. Therefore, I hope you will get these commands very helpful for you in your code and other document version controlling related work. Lets see the below list and use it your practice, work and learning.

Starting a project

git init 'project name'
git clone 'project url'

Get status of working Directory

git status

Add a file

git add 'file'

Commit to repository

git commit -m 'commit comment text here'

Remove file from staging area

git rm 'file'

Fetch changes from the remote

git fetch 'remote'

Create new branch

git branch 'branch_name'

List all local branches

git branch -a

Remove selected branch

git branch -d 'branch_name'

Switch between current branch to other branch

git checkout -b 'branch_name'

So I hope the above information will help you a lot.

If you want to learn more related to GIT you can see here.

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Please feel free to let me know your feedback in comment section and I will try to add more info into this page according to your feedback.

So looking forward to get your comment below in comment section. As you can see, your feedback always matter to me. Because feedback makes things better and more better day by day.


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